Shipping Agency

Container & Feeder Vessel Operation

We Eagle Shipping Lines Ltd., with our significant presence in Bangladesh since last 7/8 years can add value to your service with expansion of your business in Bangladesh. Handled Bulk & Break Bulk Vessel around 300Mvsl Cargo like as Clinker, Gypsum, Limestone, Stone/Aggregates Project cargo also Handled Containers vessel with MLO & NVOCC.

We have our efficiency in the following sectors:

Having our set up in Chittagong, Dhaka, Mongla in fully managed by professional managers & competent staff.
The country has two main ports, CHITTAGONG and the other is MONGLA, having container throughput of 0.80 million TEUS annually, with a expected growth of 14%-16% annually. The port he main port is Chittagong, Carrying 95% of the total throughput of the country, acting as spoke port is feed the hub ports Singapore, Colombo, Port Kelang and Tanjum Pelapas< India by the feeder vessels. All the global Operators & forwarder have been increasing their activities strongly in recent year. Container & Feeder Vessel Operation. 

The import-based country has a trade imbalance causing an export: Import container ration at 35%: 65%. The major export container are to the Europe and USA countries Covering 40% containers, Since 2005 the growth of export to far east/south east Asian countries rose significantly & now shares the 25% of the export containers. Rests are spitted into Middle East, Australia, South America & Sub Saharan Countries. On the contrary, The major import containers are from Far East & South East, which cover almost 70% of the Import Containers.
The major exports are garments, Jute and Jute Handicrafts, Tea, Frozen Fish, Medicine, Bamboo etc & the major imports in containers are capital Machinery, Raw Materials for textile industry, Fruit, Equipment’s etc. With a container penetration at 3% annually from bulk to containerization, drew attention of at all many MAIN LINE OPERATORS. With a view to be you requesting for a meeting with you to discuss further on the Bangladesh market and it future prospect of mutual benefit.
We look forward to your kind consideration for appoint us as your general agent in Bangladesh for better service & marketing.


We have been progressively expanding its scope of business by providing NVOCC Agency services for NVOCC Container Operator. We are now appointed as General Agent in Bangladesh for D. H. M. K. Shipping (Korea). The thousands of its own containers plying between South East Asia, China, North Asia ports will certainly cater all of containerized cargoes for this region.
The NVOCC Division (Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier) was launched to expand our domestic transportation service offerings to a global scale to meet our customers’ needs. As an NVOCC, Eagle Shipping Lines Ltd. provide land air and ocean transportation for our clients who are exporting products from the Bangladesh or importing from whole world. These services include:

✓ Ocean and air import & export
✓ ISO Tank Operation
✓ Port to port transportation
✓ Door to port transportation
✓ Door to door turnkey transportation

In its role as a single source logistics provider, EAGLE’s NVOCC operations add value to our clients” supply chain through the integration of land, sea and air transportation and warehousing from country of origin to point of sale.